Public House




We provide a wide range of delicious foods and pride ourselves on our quality of service.


G = Gluten Free

V = Suitable for Vegetarians





Soup of the Day________________________________£2.75

(G) Loaded Potato Skins, with Cheese and Bacon_____ £3.50

(V) Breaded Garlic Mushrooms___________________  £3.50

(V) Camembert & Brie Wedges with Garlic Dip_______  £3.95

Prawn Cocktail_________________________________£3.95

Trio of Fish Goujons____________________________ £3.95

Thai Cod & Prawn Fish Cakes, with Sweet Chilli Dip____£3.95

Southern Fried Chicken Fillet, with Sweet Chilli Dip____£3.95

West Country Crab Cakes________________________ £3.95

Chilli Mango Prawns_____________________________£3.95

(V) Mozzarella Planks___________________________ £3.95


Main Courses


Breaded Scampi                                                                  £6.95

Battered Cod                                                                       £6.75

Duo of Battered White Fish                                                   £6.50

Home-Made Lasagne                                                           £6.50

New York Cajun Chicken with Cheese and Bacon                   £6.75

Chicken Korma, served with rice and nan bread                    £6.95

(G) Chicken Tikka Masala served with rice and nan bread      £7.50

Thai King Prawn Curry with rice and nan bread                     £7.95

Chicken Jalfrezi with rice and nan bread                               £7.50

Pork Belly with Apricot Glaze                                               £7.95

Barbecue Pork Ribs - Full Rack                                            £10.50

Sweet & Sour Battered Chicken with rice and garlic bread      £7.50

Steak and Ale Pie with mushrooms                                       £7.50

Lamb Hock served with a red wine and rosemary gravy         £10.50

Cumberland Sausage with onion gravy                                 £6.25

Gammon Steak with Pineapple OR Egg                                 £7.50

16oz T-Bone Steak Garni                                                    £13.95

16oz Rump Steak Garni                                                      £12.95

8oz Sirloin Steak Garni                                                       £10.95

Surf and Turf (8oz Rump and Scampi)                                 £10.95

Steak and Chicken Combo (8oz Rump and Chicken)             £10.95

Tuna and Pasta Bake                                                          £6.25

(V) Cheese Pasta and Broccoli Bake                                    £6.25

(V) Ricotta Cannelloni with Spinach and Goat's Cheese          £6.50

(V) Vegetable Lasagne                                                       £5.95

(V) Butternut Squash Crumble                                            £6.50




Price Buster Menu

Monday to Sunday (except Saturday Dinner and Sunday Lunch)


Plaice                                                                                      £5.00

Cumberland Sausage with onion gravy                                 £5.00

Chicken Kiev                                                                           £5.00

Duo Battered Whitening                                                         £5.00

Home-Made Lasagne                                                              £5.00

Pork Chop                                                                               £5.50

Cajun Chicken                                                                         £5.50

Chicken Curry Madras                                                             £5.50

Tuna and Pasta Bake                                                              £5.50

(V) Vegetable Lasagne                                                           £5.50

(V) Cream Cheese Pasta and Broccoli Bake                          £5.50

Breaded Scampi                                                                     £6.00

Battered Cod                                                                          £6.00

Sweet & Sour Battered Chicken with rice & garlic bread     £6.00

Steak and Ale Pie with mushrooms                                       £6.00

Gammon Steak with Pineapple or Egg                                   £6.00


Lunch Time Specials

Monday to Saturday 12pm to 2pm


Pie of the Day                                                                         £4.50

Cottage Pie                                                                             £4.50

Yorkshire Pudding - Sausage                                                 £4.50

Yorkshire Pudding - Mince                                                     £5.00

Yorkshire Pudding - Roast                                                     £5.00

Jumbo Sausage and Chips with peas or beans                      £3.00

Cheeseburger and Chips with Salad or F.onions                   £3.00

Sandwich and Chips                                                                £3.00



Children Menu


Chicken Nuggets                                                                     £3.00

Sausage                                                                                   £3.00

Burger                                                                                     £3.00

Fish Fingers                                                                             £3.00

Chicken Teddies                                                                      £3.00

Turkey Dinosaurs                                                                    £3.00

Lasagne                                                                                   £3.00

Battered Cod                                                                           £3.00

Spaghetti and Meatballs                                                          £3.00


All SERVED with Chips OR Smiley Faces and Beans OR Peas.




Lunch Time Snack Menu




Salad                                                                                       £1.60

Cheese                                                                                    £2.00

Tuna Mayo                                                                              £2.25

Cornbeef                                                                                 £2.25

Chicken                                                                                   £2.40

Turkey                                                                                     £2.40

Ham                                                                                         £2.40

Beef                                                                                         £2.60

BLT                                                                                           £2.60

Prawn Marie Rose                                                                  £2.75


Jacket Potatoes - All served with Salad


Baked Beans                                                                          £3.50

Tuna Mayo                                                                              £3.75

Prawn Marie Rose                                                                 £4.50

Savoury Mince                                                                       £4.50

Cheese and Beans                                                                £4.25

Cheese                                                                                    £3.75




Cheese                                                                                    £2.40

Cheese and Onion or Tomato                                             £2.50

Cheese and Ham                                                                   £2.90

Tuna Mayo                                                                              £2.50

Cornbeef and Onion                                                              £2.60

Turkey and Cranberry                                                           £2.60

Ham and Tomatoes                                                               £2.60

Beef and Onion                                                                       £2.90

Bacon and Cheese                                                                 £3.25


Burgers - All served with Salad


1/4 lb Burger                                                                          £1.80

1/4 lb Cheese Burger                                                           £2.00

1/4 lb Bacon Cheese Burger                                               £2.75

1/2 lb Whopper Cheese Burger                                          £3.75

1/2 lb Whopper Bacon Cheese Burger                              £5.00

Chicken Burger                                                                       £2.30

Cod Burger                                                                              £2.30

(V) Bean Burger                                                                     £2.30




Ham Salad                                                                               £2.75

Ham and Cheese                                                                    £2.75

Cheese, Onion and Tomato                                                  £2.75

Chicken Salad                                                                         £2.75

Tuna Mayo and Salad                                                            £2.75

Prawn                                                                                       £3.50

Chicken and Bacon                                                                £3.50

Bacon, Onion and Cheese                                                    £3.50

Sausage and Onion                                                               £3.50


 7" Yorkshire Pudding


Sausage and Onion                                                               £4.50

Roast of the Day                                                                    £5.00

Savoury Mince                                                                       £5.00





Chips                                                                                       £1.30

Onion Rings                                                                             £1.25

Mushrooms                                                                              £1.40

Salad                                                                                        £1.00

Gravy                                                                                       £1.00

Cheesey Chips                                                                         £2.00

Garlic Bread                                                                            £1.00

Cheesey Garlic Bread                                                             £1.40

Roll and Butter                                                                        £0.40

Pepper Sauce                                                                         £1.25

Diane Sauce                                                                           £1.25


Sunday Lunch Menu


Soup of the Day________________________________£2.75

(V) Breaded Garlic Mushrooms____________________£3.50

Prawn Cocktail_________________________________£3.95

Thai Cod & Prawn Fish Cakes, with Sweet Chilli Dip____£3.95

Southern Fried Chicken Fillet, with Sweet Chilli Dip____£3.95


Main Courses


Breaded Scampi                                                                  £6.95

Battered Cod                                                                       £6.75

Duo of Battered White Fish                                                   £6.50

Home-Made Lasagne                                                           £6.50

New York Cajun Chicken with Cheese and Bacon                 £6.75

Chicken Korma, served with rice and nan bread                  £6.95

(G) Chicken Tikka Masala served with rice and nan bread  £7.50

Sweet & Sour Battered Chicken with rice and Garic bread_£7.50

Cumberland Sausage______________________________£6.25

Gammon Steak with Pineapple or Egg_________________£7.50

8oz Rump Steak Garni_____________________________ £7.50

8oz Sirloin Steak Garni____________________________£10.95

Surf & Turf_____________________________________ £10.95

Steak & Chicken Combo                                                      £10.95

Pork Belly with Apricot Glaze                                              £7.95

Lamb Hock with Mint Gravy                                                 £10.50

Tuna & Pasta Bake______________________________  £6.25

(V) 3 Cheese Pasta & Brocolli Bake__________________£6.25

(V) Ricotta Cannelloni with Spinach & Goats Cheese_____£6.50

(V) Vegetable Lasagne____________________________£5.95


Sunday Lunch Small______________________________£5.00

Sunday Lunch Regular ____________________________£7.00

3 Yorkshire Puddings with Gravy____________________£1.00



Trio of Ice Cream                                                                 £3.00

Deep Filled Apple Pie                                                            £3.50

Jam Sponge                                                                          £3.50

Hanky Panky Chocolate Cream Pie                                      £3.95

Millionaires Ice Cream Cake                                                 £3.95

Banoffee Cream Pie                                                             £3.95

Sticky Toffee Sponge                                                          £3.95

Caramel Apple Crumble Pie                                                 £3.95

Lightly Lemon Ice Cream Cake                                            £3.95

Raspberry & White Chocolate Ice Cream Cake                  £3.95


Childrens Menu (suitable for under 12s)                            £3.00

Chicken Nuggets



Fish Fingers

Chicken Teddies

Turkey Dinosaurs

Battered Cod


Spaghetti & Meatballs


Served with

Chips or Smiley Faces

Beans or Peas